How to find original paintings to enhance your interior decoration?

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Where to buy beautiful paintings?

Continue a collection, start a new one or simply fall in love, because a painting is above all sentimental.

  • The cool republic. ...
  • Poster Saint-Tropez at Castorama. ...
  • Fredericopatellaniphotographiedemariacallaslumasbonplanbonsite. ...
  • Photopenthousepiscinejaunekornerbonplan. ...
  • Plaque as in ophthalmologist.

Who buys art online?

Buy art online ? The TOP 5 sites (516 reviews) :

  • Artistic. ...
  • Plazzart (Private Lot) ...
  • Amélie, Maison d'art (ex Zeuxis) ...
  • KAZoART. ...
  • Art sold. ...
  • Mirabaud Mercier (ex. Audap & Mirabaud) ...
  • Vasari auction. ...
  • Yellow peacock.

How to negotiate the price of a painting?

Count yourself lucky if someone commits to telling you how much the job price is, and you will undoubtedly need to be sponsored by a long-time client to get on the prospect list. That said, we don't negotiate just any way.

Where to find painted canvases? : Painted Canvas.

How to make acrylic paint on canvas?

Apply the paint in thin layers of colour, mixed with water.

  • Work from lightest to darkest. ...
  • Don't forget to let each coat of paint dry before using the next: your colours and touches will stay fresh and clean.
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Which picture to put in your home?

Today, you can choose between a hand-painted living room painted with acrylic paint or a printed canvas. To complete your wall decoration, it is ideal to choose these two types of painting: either a hand painted with acrylic paint or a photo printed on canvas.

Which picture in my living room?

1) What size table for a living room?

  • The frame should not exceed two thirds of the length of your sofa to create a harmonious whole.
  • The images must be at least six inches above the edge of your furniture.
  • A small painted picture cannot fill a large space.

How to decorate a house with paintings?

Boards to decorate your home: tips to follow

  • Choose the wall to decorate.
  • Place the frames on patterns.
  • favorite works of art.
  • Choose frames with different styles.
  • Prepare the composition before starting the final installation.
  • Frame walls for which room.

Which site for painting?

Desenio offers a wide range of different designs such as photographic paintings, classic black and white designs, trendy retro paintings, modern abstract art, drawings, cute children's paintings and much more.

Where to buy posters?

Top 10 sites to buy decorative posters

  • 1 - Juniqe, for posters with quotes. ...
  • 2 - Etsy, for designer posters from around the world. ...
  • 3 - Desenio, for an eclectic selection. ...
  • 4 - Yellow Korner, for art photography. ...
  • 5 - Poster Store, for landscape posters.
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Online art sales have grown exponentially in recent years. Virtual galleries are multiplying, offering art lovers the opportunity to discover and acquire exceptional works of art from the comfort of their own homes. To find the ideal painting for your home, start by identifying your artistic tastes. You can then explore the various sites specializing in the sale of contemporary or vintage art, bearing in mind that some platforms also offer reproductions or posters. Read our complete guide below to get all the information you need on how to buy and choose your paintings!

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