Scandinavian style, the decorating trend to adopt at home

By Hervé , on September 7, 2021 , updated on April 20, 2023 - 5 minutes to read
What is the Scandinavian style?

Why Scandinavian style?

The colours are sober and chic With the Scandinavian style, you are unlikely to miss it! Most tones are neutral to play the purification card. Light or hard grey, white, taupe... These impeccable colours create a very pleasant cocoon universe!

Which Scandinavian wood?

This leads to a prediction for light wood species. Birch, oak, maple, beech, pine or fir are used in furniture and accessories, sometimes combined with glass or stone for a very natural effect.

What is contemporary style?

The contemporary decorating style is characterized by its spacious, open and bright spaces thanks to the size and spread of wall or roof windows. The openness to the outside world and the combination of spaces are essential in this style.

How to adopt the Scandinavian style?

Interior design: how and why to adopt the style...

  • Wood of choice and emblematic objects.
  • Optimization of daylight.
  • I prefer pastel colors.
  • Create contrast with different settings.
  • Use lots of textiles.
  • Choose a comfortable sofa.

Which floor for Scandinavian decoration?

Ideally, you should choose a light-coloured floor, such as a parquet floor with a natural wood look. Spacious strips and an aged finish like the Leroy Merlin parquet below will give your Scandinavian living room an extra soul.

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What is the ethnic style?

The ethnic style is, by definition, a clever mix of influences, drawn here and there from cultures and interiors around the world. Wax, tribal, bohemian, Indian, exotic, the marriage between the different aesthetics that make this decor unique.

What color with Scandinavian style?

The Nordic style is characterised by very light and neutral colours, ideally white, beige, grey... They should dominate the room, for example on the walls, on the floor or on the furniture. Light colours help to enlarge the room and bring in light.

Which paint color for an industrial decor?

The base is black or dark grey, but ochre can also be affected. For a beautiful industrial decor, these are colors that should be chosen and used completely without hesitation. These colors are to be combined with white; cream, linen, light gray.

What colour for a Scandinavian kitchen?

The colours are generally soft, neutral, they prefer vegetal greys, whites, pale colours, fetid shades (a mixture of colours with a touch of grey). Come and break this cool atmosphere with more acidic shades, green, turquoise, chickens...

How to recognize a Scandinavian furniture ?

Recognize Scandinavian furniture Its forms are sober, pure, exact, even almost mathematical. The natural materials used, especially light forests such as pine, beech or birch, enhance the inherent beauty of their texture.

Scandinavian style is a harmonious blend of minimalism, functionality and comfort. Colors are often light, with touches of pastel or bright colors to add a touch of originality. The materials used are mainly light wood (such as pine or birch), but also natural stone and ceramic. Furniture features clean, simple lines, with geometric shapes such as triangles and circles. Space is optimized to create an interior that's spacious, luminous and cozy all at once. Adopting the Scandinavian style means opting for a serene, Zen atmosphere in your home.

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