Practical advice for taking care of your kitten

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When to tattoo a kitten ?

When to chip a kitten?

There is no minimum age, but most are implanted at the time of the cat's first vaccination or neutering. All cats must be microchipped before they go out for the first time.

How does a cat get chipped?

To identify the animal, the veterinarian will implant the chip under the skin at the level of the left jugular groove, i.e. in the neck, behind the left ear. The implant is done with a sterilized syringe, is completely painless and does not require any anesthesia.

When to vaccinate and neuter a cat?

A cat must be vaccinated before the age of two months. The most important vaccinations are against coryza and typhus. The vaccine against leucosis (a type of viral lymphoma) is also useful, especially if your cat is in contact with other cats.

Who should identify the kitten?

Now, cats born after January 1, 2012 must be identified, by microchip or tattoo. ... Both acts (tattooing with a dermograph and installation of a microchip) are acts of the veterinarian. The dermographic tattooing requires a general anesthesia.

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Why have your cat identified?

Already, the identification of your cat is mandatory. Moreover, it helps to protect him, to protect you. Your cat will be less likely to get lost during an escape. The company I-CAD presents the figure of 40% of chances in more that a cat is found by its owner thanks to its identification number.

How to welcome a kitten at home?

Put it in a quiet place in the house, out of sight, but ventilated. Avoid the proximity of their bowls, because like humans, cats do not like to eat in their bathroom. Install a litter box of your choice and change it if your pet doesn't like it to avoid small accidents.

How do I know if I should deworm my cat?

It may seem healthy, but it can be parasitic. Certain symptoms should alert you. This is the case if you see eggs or larvae in your feces, if your cat vomits or has diarrhea, if he is anemic, or if his coat is dull.

When is the first visit to the vet for a kitten?

The first visit of the cat to the veterinarian The first visit to the veterinarian should ideally be done at the age of 2 months.

Which examination for a kitten?

The vaccination consultation is mainly an annual check-up: weighing, cardiac and respiratory auscultation, claw trimming, feeding advice, prevention against parasites, your veterinarian is a precious ally for the well-being and health of your kitten.

What care for a kitten?

How to care for your cat?

  • Regular examination of the kitten for a better prevention. You have adopted a kitten ?
  • Eye care. Examine your cat's eyes. ...
  • Hair care and blow-drying. ...
  • Ear care. ...
  • Tooth care. ...
  • Article of care. ...
  • Antiparasitic and antiparasitic treatments.
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How much does it cost to chip a cat?

The procedure, which must be carried out by a veterinarian, costs between €60 and €70 for a chip and between €50 and €70 for a tattoo without anaesthetic. Failure to comply with this procedure can result in a fine of up to €750. As long as they identify themselves.

How to treat your cat for free?

The Animal Welfare Foundation has clinics in France. These dispensaries offer veterinary services to people in financial difficulty to take care of their animals' health.

When adopting a kitten, it is important to learn about the different steps to follow to guarantee its health and well-being. In addition to the mandatory microchipping, it is recommended to have your pet vaccinated and spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Vaccination will prevent potentially fatal diseases, while neutering will reduce the risk of wandering and prevent certain behavioral problems. It is advisable to discuss with your veterinarian the best time for these procedures depending on the kitten's general health.

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