External batteries: how to make the right choice for your smartphone?

By Hervé , on July 29, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 5 minutes to read

Which Xiaomi external battery to choose?

XIAOMI Mi 3 Power Bank: an external phone battery with the added bonus of Xiaomi quality. This battery is compatible with any Android electronic device and is perfect for a battery that can restore 10 % of charge in just 10 minutes.

What is an external battery?

An external battery is a wireless charger that charges your smartphone, tablet and sometimes even your laptop.

What is the mAh on a battery?

The battery capacity is indicated in mAh (milliamps/hour). ... If you insert the battery into a device that draws 100 milliamps of direct current, the device will run for approximately 20 hours.

How to calculate the battery capacity?

E = U (volts) x capacity (Ixh), e.g. for a 12 volt battery of 60 Amps x hours: 12 volts x 60 Ah = 720 volts x (Amps x hours) = 720 (volts x amp) x hours = 720 wat x hour = 720 wh.

How to calculate the autonomy of a battery?

To calculate your battery autonomy in kilometers, you just have to multiply the autonomy in hours by the speed in km/h knowing that we ride at an average speed of 25 km on an electric bike. If we continue our example, we will have 3,21 * 25 Kmh = 80,64 Km of theoretical autonomy.

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How to read mAh ?

The A is written in capital letters and stands for Mili-Amps per hour. The mAh measures the power of the battery, and therefore the autonomy it can give to your smartphone.

How to choose a mobile battery?

External batteries are sold between 10 and 150 € depending on their manufacturing capacity and quality. Avoid low-cost models. Aim for a 5,000 mAh battery to charge one smartphone, 10,000 mAh to charge one or two smartphones and tablets.

How does a mobile battery work?

All external batteries (or portable chargers) have a charging cable to charge the battery itself. This is usually a USB to micro-USB cable. Use it to connect the battery to a USB AC charger port (via the micro-USB port on the battery).

How much battery power for a smartphone?

The higher the number, the greater the autonomy. We recommend that you opt for at least a 3500 mAh battery or even 4000 mAh if you use your smartphone a lot and don't want to recharge it every day.

Which mAh to choose?

We advise you to take a model 5000 mAh to have a good advantage, even 10 000 mAh if you wish to recharge several. You can know the voltage of the battery by a simple score if the manufacturer specifies the quantity of its energy in Wh (voltage = quantity of energy / capacity).

How do I know if my backup battery is charged?

Plug your charger into the mains socket. The charge indicator is orange/red or LED display (depending on your battery charge display) when charging and green/blue when the battery is charged. 4. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the AC charger.

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How to choose the right auxiliary battery?

You must select the auxiliary battery according to the engine battery (main battery): the difference in capacity between the two batteries must not exceed 20 %. For example, for a 100Ah/H main battery, the auxiliary battery will have a capacity of 80 to 120Ah/H.

What is the best brand of external battery?

External battery Storage USB
Samsung eb-u1200csegww Best quality product 10,000 mAh 1
Best reviews of Samsung USB / USB-C 10000mAh 2
A Bestsellers addtop b02p 268000mAh 4
Essentialb Travel Best value for money 20000mAh 1

When looking to buy an external battery, it's important to understand the key concepts that will help you make the right choice. A battery's capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) and corresponds to the energy it can store. The higher the value, the better the battery's performance. To calculate a battery's autonomy, you need to take into account not only its capacity, but also that of the phone or tablet it will be recharging. In fact, a device with long autonomy will need a battery with a high capacity to be fully charged. There are online calculators that can help you determine which battery size is best suited to your specific needs.

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