Fido Nomade: the solution for staying connected in all circumstances

By Hervé , on July 29, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 3 minutes to read

How do I call Fido?

How do I know if it's a long distance call?

If you dial a local number in that area, it is a local call. If you dial a number outside the area you are currently in, it is a long distance call.

How do I break a contract with Fido?

Fido may terminate all or part of your Services or accounts, or any related Agreement, provided you give us at least 30 days written notice (60 days for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador and residents of Quebec).

How to hide your Fido phone number?

By the way: HOW TO GET YOUR PHONE NUMBER when you call FIDO. Hello! To temporarily block your number, dial #31# toll free before each call.

How does roaming work?

Roaming in English is the term widely used in mobile telephony. Roaming is the process of allowing a user to make calls, send SMS/MMS or use the mobile Internet via a non-operator network.

What is roaming on a mobile phone?

Data roaming is aptly named: it's the service that allows you to use your smartphone when travelling, especially abroad. ... Your smartphone can connect to third-party operators that are partners of your service provider.

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What is roaming on a mobile phone?

When you are outside your operator's home country, your operator may offer you the mobile networks of foreign operators or one of its foreign subsidiaries. This service, also known as data roaming, is usually very expensive.

Whether for long-distance calls or to hide your number, Fido Nomade is a practical and reliable solution. By subscribing to this service, you benefit from an optimal connection and can communicate with your loved ones without interruption. What's more, thanks to its high-performance roaming system, you can use your cell phone anywhere in the world. So go ahead and discover all the advantages of Fido Nomade!

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