Growing and using vanilla: practical tips

By Hervé , on July 27, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 5 minutes to read
Wanilia (Vanilla)

How to grow vanilla at home?

The vanilla plant only grows in warm, humid climates. You will therefore need sun, warmth, space and humidity to grow this plant. Choose a location with morning sun and build the structure yourself or with the help of a kit.

How is vanilla grown in France?

To give it the best chance of success, reserve a very bright spot for it (just outside a window, or even better on a heated veranda in winter), offer it a very draining substrate (such as pozzolan enriched with a little special potting soil for orchids), keep it moist but not wet, and water it.

Is vanilla an orchid?

Vanilla is actually the fruit of an orchid, native to Mexico, the West Indies and Polynesia. The vanilla orchid is unique because it is a liana, or a very large climbing plant.

What plant produces vanilla?

Cultivation of the plant Vanilla is a spice derived from the fruit of an orchid, the vanilla plant, which is native to Central America.

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How to germinate vanilla seeds?

Vanilla seedling

  • The seeds must be disinfected, as must the medium, which must be agar jelly (or similar) and various mineral salts.
  • Carefully place the seeds on this support.
  • Maintain humidity in a completely sterile greenhouse at a minimum temperature of 25°C.

Which carrier for vanilla?

Vanilla is an understory climbing orchid that requires staking. Use a large diameter stake surrounded by moss, for example, so that the aerial or adventitious roots can attach to it. You can also use a dracaena tree for support.

What is the price of vanilla?

TK quality vanilla, i.e. with a moisture content of less than 30 %, sells for €300 per kilogram, i.e. about €6 to €7 for 10 beans.

Where can I buy vanilla seeds? Vanilla - Plants, Seeds & Bulbs: Garden.

Where to buy vanilla powder? vanilla powder.

How to take care of a vanilla orchid?

HOW TO CARE FOR THE VANILLA ORCHID Heat and light: Place the vanilla orchid indoors (18-25°), in front of a well-lit window, less than one meter away, so that it can take advantage of the little light available in winter. Watering: Water generously, with non-calcareous water, in the morning, once a week.

How to use vanilla caviar?

To use vanilla caviar, nothing could be simpler: add a few grams to your preparation with a teaspoon, and that's it. The suggested dose is 0.2 to 0.3%, or only 2 to 3 grams per litre of preparation.

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What is the vanilla used?

The exhausted vanilla beans have no aromatic power, they come from the extraction process, (the operation that consists in crushing the beans into powder, separating the seeds and debacterializing them).

What is the best vanilla in the world?

Brazilian vanilla is the new vanilla bean. The batch we are launching is the best vanilla bean we know. It is a vanilla bean that will be very large, majestic, thick with a beautiful black color.

How to optimize vanilla beans?

Tip 1: Place used vanilla beans in a jar with a small amount of rum. This will keep them pliable for the next recipe. Choose recipes where the beans are to be added to a hot liquid, such as hot chocolate, rice pudding or vermicelli.

How much liquid vanilla?

1/2 to 1 teaspoon to flavour 500g or 1/2l of preparation.

Vanilla cultivation is often associated with large tropical plantations. Yet it's possible to grow tasty pods at home by following a few simple tips. All you need is a vanilla orchid plant, a little patience and a lot of love for this delicate spice. In this article, we explain how to grow your own Vanilla orchid from seed to precious aromatic pod.

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