Thymus vulgaris, an aromatic plant with multiple virtues

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Thymus vulgaris

Where does thyme grow in France?

In the south of France, due to the warm climate, different species of thyme do well.

Where to plant winter thyme?

Thyme can be grown in pots on the balcony. SOIL CHOICE: Winter thyme likes healthy soil and especially requires a very sunny position. SOWING: Sow thyme seeds in spring in a nursery or directly in the field, in a pot or bucket with soil.

Where can I find wild thyme?

It is a bright shrub found on sunny slopes in open treeless areas. Although it can be found just about anywhere, the area of the chemin des Clauzels, behind the old people's home and Campis, is one of the 'historic' sites for harvesting in natural meadows and bogs.

Where is thyme found?

Thyme, native to the Mediterranean and growing wild in the garrigue, perfumes the atmosphere and immediately evokes the sun, Provence and summer.

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What family does thyme come from?

What is the difference between thyme and wild thyme?

True thyme grows as small shrubs with woody stems that are always upright, while wild thyme grows as a more or less extensive grassy carpet with short stems. This simple difference in habit is enough to identify them.

What is the best thyme?

Thyme 'Compactus' Thymus vulgaris remains the most widely used thyme and all varieties share the same culinary and medicinal properties. The 'Compactus' form slowly develops a compact ball of 30 cm high, with denser vegetation than the typical species and equally aromatic foliage.

What is the Farigoulette?

In Provence, it is an aromatic herb, similar to thyme; it is naturally found in Provencal specialties.

In which position to plant the thyme?

Choose a very sunny position and plant in loosened and weeded soil. Spacing between plants is 30 cm in all directions. To plant thyme in the garden: dig a plant-sized hole and enrich it with very slightly ripe compost (thyme thrives even in poor soil).

Where to plant thyme in the garden?

In which soil to grow thyme Thyme grows in healthy, light, sandy, rather dry, even stony, poor and chalky soil.

Does thyme like the sun?

Thyme needs sun to grow. It tolerates all types of soil, even poor and rocky ones. The first year after planting, it is recommended to water regularly, but not excessively and only when it does not rain.

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Where does thyme come from?

Native to southern Europe, thyme needs a warm, dry climate and full sun to grow and release its pungent fragrance. It grows spontaneously in the rocky landscapes of southern France, where it is also called farigoule, and in other Mediterranean countries.

Is thyme a spice?

Thyme, Thymus vulgaris, already contains its effects in its name. ... Thyme is an aromatic plant that was already appreciated for its fortifying properties in ancient times, long before its spicy aroma was discovered in the home kitchen.

What is the name of the wild thyme?

Common thyme has several vernacular names: garden thyme, pote, farigoule, mignotise des Genevois, thyme grass, common thyme, true thyme. In Provence and Languedoc, common thyme is called "farigoule" or "frigoule" and wild thyme "farigoulette".

Is thyme good for the liver?

Thyme detoxifies the digestive system This plant is effective against digestive disorders because it acts as a muscle relaxant in addition to its anti-infectious properties. It also stimulates the gallbladder, which facilitates the excretion of bile and helps to detoxify the liver.

Thyme is a Mediterranean plant that thrives in dry, stony soil and warm climates. In France, wild thyme can be found in the garrigues of southeastern France, as well as in regions such as Provence and Corsica. Cultivated thyme, on the other hand, can be found in many French regions, thanks to its cultivation in pots or in the ground. In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to grow thyme at home!

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