Growing saffron: tips and tricks for a plentiful harvest

By Hervé , on July 27, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 4 minutes to read
Saffron (Crocus sativus)

Where can I buy saffron crocuses?

Welcome to Our company is mainly specialised in the cultivation and sale of Crocus Sativus, which is essential for the cultivation of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world.

Where can I buy saffron bulbs in Quebec?

Emporium Safran Québec is one of the few companies producing saffron in Quebec.

How do you earn your living by growing saffron?

It is possible to live from saffron by using small surfaces; 700g of saffron (or 1,1kg for the variety GP) can be harvested on 800m². Small surfaces mean low maintenance costs and little time to devote to the culture.

Where can I buy crocus bulbs?

Jardiland - Bulbs of Crocus vernus Jeanne d'Arc x25.

Which crocus produces saffron?

The onion Crocus sativus is the only one from which we can obtain the coveted spice: saffron.

How do crocuses reproduce?

To propagate crocuses easily, you can remove the bulbs from the mother bulbs during the summer dormancy period. Harvest only the largest bulbs and plant them in the following autumn.

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What is the name of the flower from which saffron is made?

Kwiaty Crocus sativus.

Why aren't my saffron crocuses blooming?

Sometimes the bulb does not flower and spends the year building up reserves. Once the bulbs are multiplied, the number of buds on the original plant increases, reaching 35 flowers in the fourth year! In this way, the flowering of saffron plants increases from year to year.

How to grow the saffron crocus?

Plant the bulbs from mid-July to the end of August, in carefully weeded soil: bury the bulbs, point upwards, 10-15 cm deep and 10 cm apart. Leave a space of 20 cm between the rows. Do not water, as the bulbs remain dormant until autumn.

How to propagate saffron ?

How to divide the saffron crocus?

  • Dig up the bulbs with a spade.
  • Separate the bulbs from the mother bulb and discard the old, shriveled bulbs.
  • Keep the larger bulbs, remove the scales and wash them to eliminate any signs of disease.

When to plant the saffron crocus?

The saffron crocus is a bulbous plant with autumnal bloom, it is thus planted in summer. The ideal period is from June to the end of August, and the sale takes place in spring.

On which soil to grow saffron ?

It likes bright, sunny positions, well-drained soil and, if possible, predominantly limestone. If the soil is acid, do not hesitate to add marl or dolomite. Advice: plant your saffron in a sunny place because it likes the heat.

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How much land is needed to grow saffron?

Each bulb produces 1 to 3 flowers, followed by 3 to 10 flowers (depending on rainfall and bulb size). Some saffron trees can use a surface of 500m2 to 1000m².

If you want to grow saffron at home, the first step is to buy saffron crocus bulbs. You can find these bulbs in specialized garden centers or online on sites dedicated to the sale of rare plants. If you live in Quebec, it's possible to buy bulbs locally from specialized growers. Make sure the bulbs are fresh and disease-free before you buy.

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