Growing and maintaining allspice (Capsicum) in your garden

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Allspice (Capsicum)

How to grow decorative peppers?

Dwarf chillies can be grown like any other indoor plant, with watering once or twice a week. A small amount of special tomato fertilizer can be added every two weeks. In spring, from May onwards, put the peppers on the balcony.

In which soil should the peppers be planted?

Planting chillies Chillies like humus-rich, loose, deep soil in which their strong root system can grow up to 90 cm deep. Chillies are even more demanding of light than tomatoes, so keep them in the sunniest part of the garden.

Which fertilizer for Espelette peppers ?

When to fertilize peppers? Before planting: use sufficient compost (3 kg per m²) or at least one year old manure in autumn or spring. At planting: potting soil, mature compost and wood ash because of the potash it contains.

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Where do peppers grow?

Peppers, the main representatives of the chilli flavour, are native to South America, Mexico and Central America, where they have been cultivated as vegetable plants for their fruits with food and aromatic properties.

How to take care of a cabbage patch?

Peppers do not require much maintenance, but remember to water regularly, especially in hot weather, and to let the soil dry out between waterings. If you grow peppers in a pot, remember to water regularly, as the soil dries out more quickly in pots.

Is Capsicum annuum edible?

Ornamental peppers are not edible. In addition, as with all solanaceous plants, the leaves are toxic.

How to preserve the chilli plant?

To preserve the pepper plant for the winter, leave it at 12-15°C + cut it in half above the fork and keep watering to a minimum (barely damp).

How to care for ornamental peppers?

What care does my ornamental pepper need?

  • Feeding: fertilization is not necessary. ...
  • Regular watering without excess water; avoid stagnant water in the pond. ...
  • Fogging: occasional spraying of the leaves to prevent the plant from losing its leaves in a hot, dry atmosphere.

How to take care of the chilli plant?

Watering They also need a lot of direct light, 5 hours of sunlight a day or more. Containers placed on the terrace or balcony are therefore much easier to water and move! The higher the temperature, the more water the pepper needs.

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What is the name of the tree on which the pepper grows?

Capsicum pubescens Ruiz & Pavon.

Are all peppers edible?

In fact, all peppers are edible. However, according to Espiets, some are considered more decorative because they lack flavor.

How to water the peppers?

Watering the chilli and pepper

  • Signs of dehydration: leaves wilt and prickle.
  • Watering frequency: once a week if the soil is mulched. ...
  • Water quality: at outside temperature.
  • Watering method: by the foot, taking care not to wet the leaves.

How much water should I use to water the peppers?

Example n° 1) Red pepper plant 30 xm X 30 cm X 2.5 cm = 2250 cm3, i.e. 2.25 litres per week.

Why do chilli leaves turn yellow?

Excessive watering is a common cause of yellowing, especially for pot plants. Soil that is too wet causes root rot, which is irreversible: the plant cannot feed itself properly, its leaves turn yellow and it dies.

Allspice is an amazing plant that has unsuspected virtues for our health. Indeed, this plant is rich in vitamins C, A and E as well as minerals such as potassium and iron. Moreover, some compounds present in Capsicum have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body. So don't hesitate to plant decorative peppers in your home! Not only will they add a colorful touch to your garden but they will also bring unexpected nutritional benefits to your diet.

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