Growing Monarda (Monarda didyma): benefits and tips

By Hervé , on July 27, 2021 , updated on April 21, 2023 - 5 minutes to read
Monarda (Monarda didyma)

What are the advantages of monard?

Monard has properties that stimulate digestion and appetite. It is also used as an antipyretic. Finally, it is recommended for the treatment of chronic bronchitis. The essential oil is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

How to harvest the monarda?

Harvesting and collecting monarda Harvest the leaves and flowers for consumption as soon as they are present and fresh, throughout the vegetation period, from May to October for the leaves, in summer for the flowers. To obtain fresh bouquets, harvest them in the morning before the sun is too high.

When to sow Monarda fistula?

Sow in the field in mid-April and transplant after the risk of frost. Direct sowing in June, July. Sow on the surface. 15 cm between plants.

Which flower did the hummingbird choose?

Contrary to popular belief, hummingbirds do not visit only red flowers, but any flower rich in nectar. However, it is often interested in red, orange and pink flowers first.

How to take care of Monardes?

Care for Monarda Water regularly during dry periods and mulch the base to keep it cool. Remove spent flowers to prolong flowering. Cut back to ground level in November when the stems are dry.

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How to dry a monard ?

It is possible to dry the plant to make herbal tea. In this case, the leaves must be harvested before flowering and dried either in the open air or in an oven at low temperature if the oven allows it.

How to plant the Solidago ?

In windy areas, place stakes around the clumps for support. Cut the stems in late fall. Solidago is an invasive plant: do not let it spread excessively by cutting the underground rhizomes with a spade.

When to plant Liatris spicata bulbs?

Plant Liatris in spring in well-drained, humus-rich soil. These plants like full sun, but in warmer regions partial shade can be tolerated. When planting, leave 20 cm of space in all directions for the plant to grow properly.

Where to plant the monarda?

Ideal soil and exposure for planting monarda in the garden. Monarda can be planted in sun or partial shade, in cool, moist, well-drained soil.

How to plant a monarde ?

It is primarily a sunny plant, but also thrives in partial shade, especially in warm regions. Prune after flowering. Plants should be spaced 40 cm apart. Monarda is easily propagated by dividing the clumps in early spring or autumn.

When to transplant Monardes?

Monarda can be planted in spring as well as in autumn.

Monarda is a perennial plant which offers several benefits often ignored. It has medicinal properties recognized to relieve various ailments such as headaches or menstrual pain. In addition to being a useful plant, it is also very decorative with its beautiful red or pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies. In this article, we explain how to grow this plant in a simple way so that you can fully enjoy the benefits it offers.

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