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Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

What is the difference between marjoram and oregano?

Oregano is a Mediterranean plant that grows mainly at high altitudes and can be recognized by its reddish stems and purple flowers. The leaves of marjoram are slightly more pointed and of a stronger green than those of marjoram.

What is the difference between oregano and thyme?

What is the difference between thyme and oregano? Taste and smell are the most distinctive characteristics, with thyme being a complex combination of sweet and peppery, as well as minty and citrus flavours, while oregano has a very strong, pungent and earthy taste.

How to recognize oregano?

How to recognize it ? Oregano has a reddish, straight, fairly rigid, upright stem. The leaves are whole, very slightly toothed and are opposite each other, so they are always opposite on the stem. At the top of the stem are inflorescences with many small pink flowers.

What is the name of the wild marjoram?

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) forms beautiful perennial clumps of downy, reddish, upright stems with small, oval, opposite, dark green leaves.

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What are the benefits of marjoram?

What are the benefits of marjoram: tonic, anti-stress and stimulating. Since Antiquity, marjoram has been indicated for people who are anxious, prone to digestive disorders or tremors. Marjoram warms the stomach, which allows a better digestion.

How to take marjoram?

Marjoram combines well with rosemary, thyme, tarragon, savory and sage, as well as paprika, and can be used to flavor oil or vinegar. It is also present in some teas, beers and liqueurs.

How to use marjoram flowers?

Marjoram is ideal for seasoning sauces, stews, soups and marinades. It is not as strong as oregano, but can be used to season pizzas. It can also be used to flavour oils and vinegars used to make salad dressings.

What type of exposure to marjoram?

Marjoram can be grown in well-drained, light, dry and fertile soil. Sand can be mixed into the soil. Tolerates chalky soil, stones and drought. Requires a warm, sunny, frost-free location.

Where is the best place to plant basil?

Basil prefers a sunny position, sheltered from wind and cold. It likes light, rather dry, well-drained and sufficiently rich soils. Basil is best planted in spring (April-May in the south), after the last frost.

What exhibition for the Monnaie?

However, soil that is too clayey or too dry is not recommended. The ideal exposure is partial shade, although mint can grow in the sun as long as it is not hot and the mint is sufficiently watered. Direct sunlight will stunt its growth and the mint will need more moisture.

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When should marjoram be harvested?

Harvesting Marjoram The first harvest takes place 3 months after sowing, between summer and early autumn. The leaves can be eaten fresh or dried. To do so, spread the leaves out in a dark, dry place. As soon as the leaves are dry, place them in an airtight jar.

How to recognize marjoram?

How to recognize it ? Marjoram is a perennial plant. Its square stems bear small oval leaves. Its flowers are small, white or pink and grow in clusters.

How to use marjoram?

Marjoram is widely used in all kinds of sauces (tomato, fish, etc.), marinades, soups, stews and other simmered dishes. Marjoram goes well with vegetables, especially aubergines and courgettes.

When and how to prune marjoram?

Prune marjoram from late May to late June. Prune the clump to 15-20 cm to encourage regrowth. Use sharp, disinfected pruning shears or shears.

Marjoram has been known since antiquity for its medicinal properties. It has antispasmodic, calming and anti-inflammatory virtues. It can thus relieve menstrual pains, stomach aches or sleep disorders. In infusion or in essential oil, discover how to take the best advantage of the therapeutic benefits of this remarkable plant.

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