Discover all the secrets of the Lovage (Levisticum officinale)

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Lovage (Levisticum officinale)

When to split Liveche?

Lovage needs at least three years to reach its 'adult' size, so divide the trunk in the spring. In the fall, once the harvest is complete and the above-ground parts have dried, prune the clump and add compost.

Where to plant perpetual celery?

What kind of exposure for perpetual celery? Sunny. In very sunny and hot locations, it is recommended to plant them in partial shade.

What are the advantages of Liveche?

Like most umbellifers, lovage seeds have carminative properties, meaning they dispel the wind that sometimes occurs after a meal. They soothe colicky bowels, reduce flatulence and relieve intestinal pain.

How to use lovage?

Everything is good in the lovage: we use as well the stem as the leaves, the flowers and the seeds. In cooking, fresh or dried, it flavours stews, salads, soups, meat and fish. It also adds a tasty touch to baked goods and breads.

How do I use Liveche?

Lovage has a very similar taste to celery, but its advantage is that it is well suited to cooking. The leaves or young stalks can be used to season stews, soups, stuffings and meat dishes, but also crystallized to garnish some desserts (like angelica).

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What does Liveche taste like?

The stem, leaves, flowers and seeds have a smell and taste strongly reminiscent of celery. ... The seeds of the lovage are used to prepare "celery salt" and to flavour cakes.

How to prune Liveche?

Care and cultivation of lovage Remove flowering shoots to encourage leaf development. Before frosts, cut the shoots just above the ground.

What does lemon balm taste like?

Lemon balm scent

How to store Liveche?

- Preservation: It is difficult to dry the leaves, the best way to preserve lovage is to freeze the whole leaves in freezer bags or chopped in ice cube trays. Seeds should be dried before being stored in opaque, airtight containers.

Where to plant Liveche?

Lovage is planted in sun or partial shade, in slightly chalky, deep, cool, humus-rich and well-drained soil.

Where to plant ash trees?

How to grow lovage? Lovage placed in the garden in a sunny or semi-shaded place, in a cool and well-drained soil, emerges every spring. The leaves are harvested from May to October from the second year.

Where to buy mountains?

Mountain Buy is a plant that is suitable for many situations! It likes sun and some shade, is cold hardy and thrives in both temperate and harsh mountain climates.

Lovage is an aromatic plant with unsuspected virtues. In addition to adding an original touch to your dishes with its unique taste, it also has interesting medicinal properties. In particular, it is known for its diuretic and digestive effects. It can also be used as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety, thanks to its soothing properties. Last but not least, it is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Lovage is therefore a precious ally for our daily health and well-being.

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