Chmiel (Humulus lupulus): a plant with multiple virtues

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Chmiel (Humulus lupulus)

Where can I find out about the benefits of hops?

When we talk about hops, it is simply impossible not to think of beer! So, hops can sometimes have a very bad image, whereas the benefits of hops are much more numerous than one could believe. To be sure, we recommend you to read this very complete article on the benefits of hops. As you will see, hops are not only useful for beer, quite the contrary!

Even if we hear about it mainly for its use in this alcoholic drink adored by the French, hops can also be used in the world of decoration and crafts. For example, you could use hops to make linen paper or even twine: very different fields than alcoholic beverages...

As you will see, some people do not hesitate to use hops to make soap: a rather curious use, but which can sometimes be quite interesting when you know all the benefits of hops. All you have to do is take action!

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What are the advantages of hops?

Traditional Chinese medicine also recognizes its benefits in treating insomnia, digestive disorders, intestinal cramps and lack of appetite. In India, Ayurvedic medicine uses hops to relieve restlessness caused by nervous tension, migraine and indigestion.

Where can I find hops?

More than 72 % of the agricultural area devoted to hops is in Germany and the USA.

How to use hops?

Use and dosage of hops To make an infusion, soak 10 g of dry hop cones in 500 ml of very hot water. The infusion should be drunk morning, noon and evening, after meals, to combat sleep disorders. Two doses are sufficient to treat insomnia.

When and how to plant hops?

Planting of hops

  • Where to plant it? Hops should be planted in a sunny or semi-shaded area. Plant in rich, deep, well-drained soil.
  • When to plant hops? The young plants are planted in the spring after the end of the frosts.
  • How to plant it? Hops need a solid base.

How to cut the hops?

Cutting: in summer, take 15-20 cm long shoots and leave them in rooting powder, wrapped in an insulating film. When the first roots appear, you can place the hop cuttings in a pot.

How to replant hops?


  • Dig a hole in the desired location. ...
  • Put some compost in the hole, place the plant in it and fill it with the rest of the soil.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • Install a suitable support for the hops.
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Why plant hops?

Hops or humulus lupulus is a climbing plant of the Cannabaceae family. ... With its leaves and vines, it is also an ornamental garden plant. In addition, hops are used not only for beer, but also as an ingredient in herbal teas and spices.

Do hops cause constipation?

It can also be used for constipation and gas. Combined with other herbs such as mint, it is a very effective remedy.

What is hop extract?

Hops are a climbing plant of the liana family. Known for their antiseptic and sleep-inducing properties, these flowers are also prized by brewers.

Do hops contain gluten?

They also produce it in red, without gluten.

Where do wild hops grow?

The hop is a perennial herbaceous plant and climber. It is mainly grown in America, in France in the Alsace region, in Flanders and also in the North. It is difficult not to find them in humid areas and near bushes, where they grow unhindered.

What is the hop family?

What is a hop? This little wonder is a perennial climbing plant with a downy stem, belonging to the Cannabaceae family. Called Humulus lupulus in Latin, it is grown for its resin, lupulin. This yellow substance is produced by the female flowers.

Which beer is right for you?

1- Molson Canadian 67, lager, 3% alcohol It has a very light taste and will certainly appeal to women who are not fond of flavoured beers. With 2g of carbohydrates, it is also ideal for diabetics.

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What are the ingredients of beer?

Beer consists of four main ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and... water. As with any good product, the quality of the ingredients used in its composition is essential.

What is Empatage?

Mashing is the first step of the brewing process, as it consists of mixing the malt and crushed grains in hot water.

Chmiel is known for its soothing properties that help relieve anxiety, sleep disorders and muscle pain. It also contains antioxidant compounds that protect against cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. In addition, it can help regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. In short, chmiel is a plant with many health benefits.

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