All about the citron (Citrus medica): properties, taste and culinary use

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Cedrate (Citrus medica)

What does citron taste like?

But although the citron is a cousin of the lemon, it doesn't really taste like a lemon. Less acidic, it tastes to me halfway between lemon and grapefruit (but that's just to give you a comparison, as its taste is quite specific - delicate and aromatic).

How to eat cedars?

Wash and scrub the citron and dry it carefully. Cut it in half and then slice each half 1 to 2 mm thick, without differentiating between the juicy and non-juicy parts, because you can eat everything from this fruit: the skin, the flesh and the albedo (white part). Cut the half-slices into quarters if necessary.

How to use lemon bergamot?

Instead of lemon, you can use bergamot. Its bergamot-scented peel is pleasant in all pastries, as a juice on fish and shellfish or candied in tagines. It is also very interesting to add it to a fruit or vegetable compote.

How to remove astringency from citrus fruits?

Place the citron pieces in a large amount of cold water and bring them to a gentle boil for about 30 minutes. Blanching them in this way removes some of the bitterness. Drain and discard the water.

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How to freeze the hand of the Buddha?

Buddha's hand: lightly pick six lemons from Buddha's hand from the top, gently wash them and cut off the base to place on a plate later. Freeze the Buddha hands the night before to give them a frosted look.

When to harvest the citron?

The citron is harvested at the end of September, not yet fully ripe for use in confectionery.

How do you know if a lime is ripe?

The lemons are harvested in winter and spring. The exception is the 4 Seasons lemon variety, which offers lemons all year round. The lemons are ripe when they turn a beautiful bright yellow colour.

When to harvest the files?

Harvesting, storage and use of limes Lemons can be harvested green, but if left on the tree they turn yellow as they ripen. It takes about 6 months from flowering to harvesting the limes.

Where does the citron grow?

It is grown in Italy, Greece, Corsica and Asia. Note: there are several varieties and natural hybrids, including the Corsican citron or "Digitata" variety, also called "Buddha's hand", which is very decorative.

How to prune a cedar?

How to prune my citron tree ?

  • The citron tree should be pruned at the end of winter, after the fruit has been harvested.
  • Remove the dead wood.
  • Cut each new shoot in half to make the tree more dense.
  • Remove suckers from inappropriate locations.
  • Ventilate the inside of the shaft if necessary.

Which lemon tree is the most rustic?

To our knowledge, it is the most fragrant lime. Resistant to -6C° if well sheltered. During cold winters, the tree may lose some of its leaves.

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How to plant the citron?

In a pot or bathtub:

  • Choose a large pot or a clay pot with holes.
  • Place a thick layer of clay balls (20 cm) on the bottom.
  • Cover this drainage with a layer of commercial potting soil containing a slow release fertilizer.
  • Place the tree in the centre of the pot.
  • Fill the hole and pour soil around the trunk.
  • Water.

The citron is often confused with other citrus fruits. Yet it has characteristics all its own. Its thick, rough skin encloses firm, white flesh and juicy, tangy pulp. But how do you recognize a genuine citron? Just look for a few key features, such as its oblong shape and thick, bumpy rind. Find out all the tips you need to identify this unusual citrus fruit!

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