How much can I borrow for a small instant loan?

By Hervé , on September 27, 2023 , updated on September 27, 2023 - 5 minutes to read

Get a small instant credit is a solution that is increasingly available on specialized websites and services. These types of loans enable individuals to borrow a certain sum of money quickly, without too much red tape or supporting documents. But how much can you expect to borrow when you apply for a small instant loan? We explain everything you need to know.

The advantages of instant credit

Why choose a small instant credit rather than another type of loan? There are several reasons why this solution is attractive:

  • Simplicity Access to small, instant credit is just a few clicks away, thanks to dedicated online platforms.
  • Speed You'll know in no time whether your application has been accepted or rejected.
  • Flexibility You can choose the amount you wish to borrow and the repayment period.
  • General These loans are designed for all profiles, even those with less favorable credit histories.

Amount available for a small instant credit

The amount you can obtain depends on several factors such as :

  1. Your borrower profile Your age, income and other personal factors are taken into account to determine how much a lending institution is prepared to grant you.
  2. Repayment period The longer the repayment period, the higher the amount you can borrow. However, don't overextend the repayment period, as this could significantly increase the total cost of your credit.
  3. The credit institution's terms and conditions Each credit organization sets its own minimum and maximum amounts for small instant loans.
  4. Your real needs The most important thing is to assess your real needs before applying for a loan, so that you don't take out a loan for more than you really need, and thus avoid repayment difficulties.
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General lending limits

Small instant loans are designed to meet small, one-off needs. Generally speaking, credit organizations offer amounts of between 100 and €3,000depending on your profile and needs. Some organizations may offer higher amounts, and the ceilings vary from one organization to another.

How do I choose the right amount for a small instant loan?

To determine how much to borrow, it is necessary to consider several aspects:

  1. Assess your needs Start by assessing how much you need for your project or situation. It's always a good idea to borrow only what you really need, without going overboard.
  2. Determine your repayment capacity Calculate how much you can repay each month, taking into account your income and fixed expenses. This will tell you the maximum amount you can borrow without jeopardizing your budget.
  3. Make a loan simulation Use the online simulators available from most credit providers to find the ideal amount and repayment period.
  4. Find out about the terms and conditions of the lending institution Small instant loans: as mentioned above, each organization sets its own limits on the amount of small instant loans it can offer. Check with several organizations to compare their offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Acceptance criteria for a small instant loan

To maximize your chances of accessing a small instant credit, it's important to meet certain criteria:

  • Stable income Your credit rating: lenders want to be sure that you'll be able to repay the amount borrowed. A stable job and a regular income are therefore assets when it comes to obtaining a loan.
  • Maintaining sound budget management Avoid having too many debts or recurring banking incidents, as these can reduce your eligibility for a small instant credit.
  • Provide accurate information When applying online, be sure to fill in all the required fields accurately, as incorrect information may result in the loan being refused.
  • Choosing the right amount Don't ask for too much in relation to your repayment capacity. A lending institution will be more inclined to grant a lower amount that better matches your needs and financial situation.
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Alternatives if your application is rejected

Unfortunately, if your request for a small instant credit is turned down, you still have several options:

  1. Ask less Simply adjust the amount of your request and run a new simulation.
  2. Review your financial situation Improve your finances by reducing your debts and increasing your income, which may make it easier to obtain a loan in the future.
  3. Compare offers One credit organization may refuse your application, but another may have different criteria and agree to grant you the amount you want. So compare several offers before giving up.
  4. Apply for a personal microcredit If you're in a difficult social or professional situation, why not consider a personal microcredit rather than a small instant loan? This type of credit is specially designed to help people in financial difficulty.

In short, determining the right amount to borrow for your small instant loan will enable you to choose the most suitable solution to meet your needs, while remaining in line with your repayment capacity.

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