Best application to learn Arabic: Learn Arabic easily

By Hervé , on September 27, 2023 , updated on September 27, 2023 - 4 minutes to read

Learning Arabic can seem daunting to some, especially if you have no grounding in the language. However, with the help of a good tool, this process could be much more accessible and even fun. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best apps for learning Arabic quickly and easily.

Applications for beginners


Duolingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular most popular applications to learn a new language. With its fun, interactive method, Duolingo has succeeded in attracting a large number of users worldwide. The application offers a series of lessons based on different language skills such as reading, writing and conversation. Practical for beginnersIt also offers a progressive approach that facilitates the integration of essential concepts.


Mondly is also a popular application for learning languages, including Arabic. It stands out for its imagesvideos and interactive quizzes that make learning particularly enjoyable. The lessons cover a variety of everyday themes, enabling learners to familiarize themselves with real-life situations while working on their language skills.

Mango Languages

This application offers a learning method based on spaced repetition and cultural explanations to help you understand Arabic in context. Mango Languages also offers a voice recognition feature that allows you to work on pronunciation and listening skills, which is a great asset for beginners.

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Applications to improve grammar

Arabic Grammar

For those looking to reinforce their knowledge of Arabic grammar, Arabic Grammar is a very useful application. It contains a complete list of grammatical rules, as well as concrete examples to facilitate understanding. What's more, it also includes a large number of practical exercises to help you put these rules into practice and memorize them effectively.

Lughatuna - اللغة عربية

Based on numerous examples taken from the great Arab literary masterpieces, this app specializes in the written comprehension of classical and modern texts. Its easy-to-use interface features comprehensive vocabulary lists and descriptive audio sounds of letters and words pronounced by native speakers.

Applications to enrich your vocabulary


Memrise is well known for its innovative vocabulary learning methods.. Using humor and idea associations, it enables learners to memorize new Arabic words effectively. What's more, this application also offers regular review functions to ensure good progress in vocabulary learning.


Quizlet is a platform that offers review cards (or flashcards) on various subjects, including Arabic vocabulary. With this tool, you can create your own word lists or consult those created by other users. The various revision modes (test, game, dictation...) make learning fun and varied.

Applications for writing practice

Write It ! Arabic

If you want to improve your writing in Arabic, Write It! Arabic is an application that could be of interest to you. It features interactive exercises to learn how to trace each letter correctlyand a recognition system that evaluates and corrects your handwriting in real time.

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Arabic Alphabet by Lettrox

This educational app teaches students Arabic calligraphy while keeping track of their progress. Modules are specially prepared for beginners of all ages, and include practical sessions to work on spelling and introductory exercises on the basics of the Arabic language.

The best encyclopedia for learning Arabic


Finally, if you're looking for a complete platform that encompasses all aspects of learning Arabic, AnkiDroid is the perfect choice. indispensable reference. It works with flashcards that you can customize to suit your needs. What's more, it incorporates a highly effective spaced repetition system for memorizing and regularly reviewing what you've learned.

By exploring these different options, you're sure to find the application that matches your level, preferences and Arabic learning goals. The key to success is always to stay motivated and practice regularly, in order to develop your language skills.

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