Discover the unsuspected benefits of sour orange (Citrus aurantium)

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Bigaradiera (Citrus aurantium)

What are the benefits of bitter orange?

When taken orally or inhaled, bitter orange essential oil appears to have a protective effect and increases the production of mucus by the gastric mucosa. It is also said to reduce anxiety.

How to eat a bitter orange?

For this reason, the flesh is not very juicy and contains many seeds. The ideal time to prepare bitter oranges is the high season, from December to February, when they can be used to make marmalades or wine as an aperitif. By macerating them with sugar, the bitter orange will release all its flavours while softening.

How to eat bitter oranges?

The acidity of the bitter orange does not make it a very pleasant fruit to eat raw. To make the most of its flavour, make marmalade, jam or syrup. You can also make orange wine as an aperitif. Finally, the peel of the bitter orange can be candied.

Where to buy bitter orange peel?

At Rue des Plantes we offer you: bitter orange peel 100 g in a kraft bag.

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Where does the sour orange tree grow?

Native to India and China, it is a subtropical tree that likes a fairly warm climate. Today, the bitter orange tree is grown in large quantities in the south of France and in Italy (Sicily).

Where can I find Seville oranges?

In the Patio de los Naranjos of the Cathedral of Seville, a place that can be accessed through the Gate of Forgiveness, there is a part of the oldest orange city of a hundred years.

How do you say "orange" in Algerian?

In Arabic, the word for orange is برتقال, which is a word of non-Arabic origin.

What is the fruit of the sour orange tree?

Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium): breeding records. A little known citrus fruit, the bigaradier is easy to grow and can withstand several short frosts. Also called Seville orange or bitter orange, it produces bigarads, small edible but bitter fruits (hence its nickname).

Which tree produces an orange flower?

A little botany lesson: the sour orange tree The orange blossom is the white flower of the sour orange tree. This tree, also known as the wild orange, is a cousin of the sweet orange and the lemon, and has been growing for centuries in sunny regions.

When to pick bitter oranges?

Bigarads are the size of a tangerine, their bitter flesh does not give much juice. The tree is very abundant in fruit. Harvest them in December-January for immediate consumption, or leave them on the tree (up to 6 months) and harvest them as needed.

How do you recognize a sour orange tree?

Smaller than the sweet orange, the bigarade has a rough skin with a yellow or green tint. It is a fruit with an acidic, very bitter flesh, not very juicy and containing a large number of seeds. The bigarade can be recognized by its oval, shiny and persistent leaves.

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When to plant a sour orange tree?


When to remove the bigaradier?

Propagation of the bigaradier The best method is cuttings, which can be done from April to September, or air layering between April and May.

What is the name of a bitter orange?

The bitter orange, also known as bigarade or Seville orange, belongs to the Rutaceae family, along with lemon, sweet orange, bergamot...

The sour orange, also known as Citrus aurantium or bitter orange, is a little-known fruit compared to its more popular cousins such as the mandarin or lemon. And yet, it is both nutritionally and therapeutically rich. Its peel contains flavonoids with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to regulate blood cholesterol levels. What's more, the pulp is rich in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Regular consumption of bitter oranges can therefore help prevent certain cardiovascular diseases and strengthen the body against seasonal infections.

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