Asa foetida: its uses in natural medicine

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Ase fétide (Ferula assa foetida)

When to use Asa foetida?

Take Asa foetida in weak (5 CH or 10 DH), medium (9 CH or 18 DH) or strong (15 CH) dilution of 3 granules before the three main meals for 2 months.

When to use lycopodium ?

Lycopodium is a medicine used wherever there are "modalities": in purely local disorders, such as digestive problems, it is used in small dilutions; 5 CH granules before meals and during disorders.

How to use Nux Vomica 5ch?

Flu: take Nux vomica 5 CH or 10 DH with 3 granules every two hours. Rhinitis: take Nux vomica 5 CH or 10 DH with 3 granules every two hours. Rhinopharyngitis: take Nux vomica 5 CH or 10 DH with 3 granules every hour.

How do I get Carbo vegetabilis?

Dosage. For flatulence and/or hot flashes, take 3 granules of Carbo vegetabilis 5 CH or 10 DH one hour before each meal for 2 months.

How to use the fetid oil?

Swallow it (a piece) in the morning on an empty stomach, then drink a hot drink (milk, coffee or hot tea, etc.). Also to be taken in the evening after Al Maghreb, by sucking the same piece (like a candy), ideal for those who can stand its smell (to be done morning and evening).

How to consume asafoetida?

Make a 10-minute decoction with ¼ teaspoon of asafoetida powder in 1.5 litres of water. Drink it throughout the day. This remedy is very popular in Kazakhstan, where it is prescribed for people with severe headaches.

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What is asa foetida?

Asafoetida is a resin from a type of fennel native to Central Asia. Its particular smell (unpleasant for many) has earned it the name "devil's dung".

Where can we find the fetid ase?

Historically, the main countries producing fetid ase are Afghanistan and Iran, which export it almost exclusively to India in raw form.

How to use Asa foetida incense?

Asa foetida incense comes from ferula asafoetida, a perennial plant whose stem and root contain a milky sap that dries and oxidizes on contact with air to become a highly aromatic orange gum, which is also used in powder form as a spice or in pieces as incense.

What is Hantyt?

Hiltite - Hiltyte- Asafoetida( haltite - حلتيت) ase fétide - hantite. Asa foetida (fetid ase) is a dried resin obtained from the rhizomes of two species of fennel growing in India and Iran.

If you regularly suffer from digestive problems such as bloating or abdominal pain, you should know that Asa foetida can be a valuable ally for your intestinal health. This plant has carminative and antispasmodic properties that help reduce inflammation and promote digestion. It is also recommended for relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), thanks to its relaxing action on intestinal muscles.

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